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Graduate: Caltech (2011-whenever someone lets me graduate!) 

Undergraduate: U.C. Berkeley, Chemical Engineering, 2004-2008 

Research: Tropospheric ozone is the third highest anthropogenic forcing and acts as both a greenhouse gas and suppressant on carbon uptake by plants. There exists a persistent gap between simulated ozone and measured ozone in the tropics, and the summer North American mid-latitudes (Zhang et al, 2010). Moreover, there is general debate about our general lack of understanding of tropical atmospheric chemistry, and in particular the unexpectedly high concentration of OH radical, a key driver of atmospheric chemistry (Lelievald et al, 2008; Mao et al 20120). These areas are generally dominated by isoprene and other biogenically emitted volatile organic carbons (BVOCs). Not only is ozone production sensitive to isoprene chemistry, the entire gap between simulated ozone and measured ozone can be accounted for by updated isoprene nitrate chemistry (Paulot et al, 2012). Through field and lab measurements using the Caltech CIMS instruments, we hope to constrain and elucidate the importance of isoprene, and other atmospherically relevant mechanisms.